Relaxing massages & beauty at Hotel La Casies

Top-notch wellbeing

Our relaxing massages and amazing beauty treatments at Hotel La Casies are all part and parcel of a perfect holiday. That's why we have put together a wide range of relaxing massages and beauty treatments for you that ensure endless natural wellbeing.

We use high-quality, natural products from the South Tyrolean cosmetics company ART OF CARE for our spa and beauty treatments. Hotel La Casies, which focuses on sustainability and treating nature responsibly, is therefore the ideal holiday home for anyone who wants to be pampered with natural products in a natural setting.

We recommend you to book your chosen massage or beauty treatment in time, ideally before embarking on your holiday with us to secure your preferred time slot. Simply phone us on +39 0474 978441 or contact us via email: beauty@

Classic sports and relaxing massages

Classic full-body massage

This relaxing full-body massage stimulates circulation, is beneficial and harmonising. It ensures more energy and noticeably improves your general wellbeing.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 82,00 €

Classic half-body massage

Enjoy this relaxing massage which loosens up individual parts of the body and relieves tension there. Your muscles relax and stress is reduced.

Duration: 25 Minutes Price: 44,00 €

STRECH & CUPPING - massage

This relaxing massage for tired muscles is extremely beneficial after hiking in the mountains and after sporting activities. It loosens up muscles and relieves tension by applying various massage, stretching and cupping techniques. The warming athlete's ointment and Alpine herbal oil help the muscles to regenerate.

80 Minutes: 99,00€
25 Minutes (legs only): 53,00€

STRAIGHT BACK - treatment

In the course of this intensive soothing massage, your strained back is prepared using a hot roller saturated with herbs. A combination of traditional massage techniques, cupping, and a special herbal oil help to regenerate your musculature, release blockages, relax your back, and nourish your spinal discs. The special back ointment supports the treatment. This treatment culminates with the use of gongs to ensure that your body can fully relax and expand.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 80,00 €

MOUNTAIN - massage

Treat your back and feet to this extraordinary back and foot reflexology massage. The nourishing back massage is not only relaxing, but helps to reduce tensions, hardenings or headaches often caused by an unfavourable posture during work. The foot reflexology massage stimulates or, depending on your needs, calms the inner organs.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 78,00 €

Reflexology foot massage

The foot reflex zone massage relieves pain, promotes your circulation, and activates your body's own healing powers.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 47,00 €

LEGS REFRESH - treatment

Our leg-treatment is not just for women. Special grips target specific areas of your skin to improve its tone and to promote circulation. Let us pamper your skin with this stimulating coffee-exfoliation treatment, a massage with cupping, and then the algae pack. Afterwards, you'll feel relaxed, calm, and well-toned.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 82,00 €

Feel-good massages

Aroma oil massage

Be pampered with this relaxing aromatherapy massage using an essential oil or cream of your choice.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 85,00 €

Hot stone massage

This special relaxing massage, which is done using mountain crystals and volcanic stones, rebalances the mind, body and soul. The contact with the volcanic stones warms the body deep down and releases tension and the mountain crystal gives you a new energy for life.

50 Minutes: 94,00€

Honey massage (back)

A honey massage is not just a pure relaxing massage but also has a purifying and detoxifying effect on the body thanks to the use of the natural product honey. The honey extracts toxins that have been stored in the body over the years (by taking medicines or absorbing harmful substances) from the pores and cleanses them; you feel fresher and lighter. Honey also improves circulation and your immune system and it has an energising effect. You recharge your batteries so that you can cope better with everyday life and the associated stress.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 81,00 €

Indian flow massage (ayurveda)

This relaxing massage is part of traditional Indian healing methods. The term "Ayurveda" comes from Sanskrit and translated means "long life" and "eternal knowledge". What is special about this relaxing massage is the use of plenty of warm, fragrant oil, which is mixed with herbal extracts. The oil moisturises the skin and penetrates deep down into the tissue where it has a nourishing and balancing effect. Waste products and toxins are released and can be removed. The energy flow in the body is activated resulting in deep relaxation. This relaxing massage is ideal for stressed people.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 80,00 €

Tibetan singing bowl massage

With this relaxing massage you like down in your clothes. Several singing bowls are then placed on your body and struck. The resulting light vibrations and sounds flow through your mind, body and soul reaching every single cell – pure relaxation.

25 Minutes: 44,00€

MOUNTAIN leg wrapping

Do you have tired legs after a long hike? This treatment will give you more vim and vigor. This stimulating massage with alpine herbal oil not only boosts your metabolism – it also strengthens your musculature. The fango pack – with essential oils and sea salt – cools your skin and stimulates the flow of blood. The wrappings promote the elimination of excess water. This treatment is also suitable for swollen, cold, or painful legs.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 78,00 €

Sit-up relax

This treatment is designed specifically for the abdominal area. Mainly it acts on the intestinal activity. That means also that it takes an effect at digestion problems, exhalation, constipation, flabby stomach tissue and stretch marks. Because of the stimulation of the lymphatic system with rock crystals, the treatment affects a purification and detoxification. A special mixture of essential oils and juniperhydrolat releases blockages in the intestinal region. Furthermore, the abdominal muscles and the skin is going to tightened by cupping and a special massage. Supportive care is an algae cream and the highlight of the treatment is a stimulation with the Tibetan singing bowls. 

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 74,00 €

Release massage

With this massage you will be able to completely free yourself from your everyday stress. Heavy legs are loosened. The reflexology foot massage stimulates the entire organism. The head and face massage helps to release and stimulates the cell regeneration of the skin. It can also bring some ease to headaches and heavy thoughts.

Duration: 50 MinutesPrice: 78,00 €


Mountain salt body scrub

Mountain salt removes dead skin and supplies skin at the same time with minerals and trace elements, an effective classic among peelings.

Duration: 20 Minutes Price: 45,00 €

Coffee scrub

This peeling removes dead skin, stimulates the regeneration of cells, refreshes the skin and makes it velvety soft. The highlight with this peeling is the stimulating effect of caffeine on the circulation. If applied regularly, it improves the appearance of your skin and reduces cellulite; your skin feels fresh and energised.

Duration: 20 Minutes Price: 45,00 €

Alpine hay scrub

This peeling with ground mountain hay deeply cleanses skin down to the pores, is relaxing and gives you a radiant complexion.

Duration: 20 Minutes Price: 45,00 €

Honey scrub

The pleasant-smelling honey peeling treatment not only regenerates your cells and fortifies your immune system – it also gives your skin a radiant glow.

Duration: 20 Minutes Price: 45,00 €


Tyrolean hay bath

Thanks to the variety of herbs and flowers that grow on mountain pastures, this traditional hay bath has an intense stimulating effect on the circulation and relaxes the tissue and muscles. Joint and muscle problems are alleviated in a natural way.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 52,00 €

St. John's wort oil pack

Has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In the case of muscle pain, the blood flow-promoting effects of the oil can be useful in order to relax the muscles.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 48,00 €

Evening primrose pack

The active ingredients contained in evening primrose help moisturize your skin. This pack is thus extremely suitable for helping distressed skin to regain a soft and supple texture.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 48,00 €

Algae wrap

The numerous nutrients and minerals contained in algae in a highly concentrated form make this algae wrap so effective, it is more intensive and richer than any body lotion. It stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and the skin is supplied with the all the nutrients that it needs.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 48,00 €

Pack with sea salt

Dead Sea salt helps exfoliate old skin cells and scales, opens your pores, and promotes the natural elimination of contaminants which have accumulated in your skin and connective tissue. Further, it stimulates your circulation in the skin. As a result, you skin will be noticeably more supple.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 48,00 €

Fango wrap

Rheumatism, backache and minor sports injuries are treated using a fango wrap. This heat treatment helps to relax muscles, relieve pain and improve blood circulation.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 48,00 €

Coffee & chestnut pack

Coffee and chestnut contain the active ingredients which give this pack its vitalizing and stimulating effect. Your nervous system and metabolism will be energized.

Duration: 25 MinutesPrice: 48,00 €

Facials using "Greenlife" natural cosmetics

The products from the "Greenlife" cosmetics range by ART OF CARE are of the highest quality and dermatologically tested. With no preservatives and colouring, they maintain healthy skin and contain natural ingredients that combined with effective treatment methods increase the effectiveness of our facials. This application of new methods, a combination of cold and warm impulses, energises and reinvigorates the skin. Mountain crystal stimulates the energy channels and restores the skin's natural balance.

"Active" facial

The medicinal herbs mallow, marigold, hops, healing clay and alginates make this treatment suitable for all skin types. It stimulates the skin metabolism, has a purifying effect, stimulates blood circulation, invigorates all cells, stimulates collagen production and has an immediately visible lifting effect.

50 Minutes: 83,00 €
80 Minutes (with deep cleansing): 103,00 €

"Hydro sensitiv" facial

This particularly mild care soothes irrita ted skin due to the active ingredients of sempervivum, dandelion, lime, carrot. This treatment revitalizes all cells, moisturizes them, protects the hydrolipid mantle and soothes skin irritations.

50 Minutes: 83,00 €
80 Minutes (with deep cleansing): 103,00 €

"Pure" facial

Thanks to the combination of ingredients such as cornflower, sloe, stinging nettle and Veronica herb, your skin is deeply cle ansed. The high-quality treatment against impurities reduces sebum production, combats acne and revitalizes tired skin. Your complexion shines fresh and clear.

50 Minutes: 85,00 €
80 Minutes (with deep cleansing): 105,00 €

"Lift" facial

Thanks to high-quality plants such as rosehip, hemp, sanicle and bearberry, cell renewal is activated, oxygen transport is promoted and glycation, which is partly responsible for skin ageing, is inhibited. The skin becomes firmer and smoother and receives new suppleness and vitality. It also has a preventive effect.

50 Minutes: 91,00 €
80 Minutes (with deep cleansing): 111,00 €

Beauty treatments

Manicure and pedicure

Manicure 45,00 €
Manicure including peeling & wrap 55,00 €
Manicure with semi-permanent polish (Laqeris) 60,00 €
Pedicure  55,00 €
Pedicure including peeling & wrap 65,00 €
Pedicure with semi-permanent polish (Laqeris) 70,00 €
Semi-permanent polish (Laqeris)40,00 €
Peeling & wrap for hands or feet35,00 €
Manicure with polish for children 25,00 €

Hair removal

Upper lip 9,00 €
Chin 11,00 €
Underarms 20,00 €
Bikini area  20,00 €
Half leg 35,00 €
Whole leg  48,00 €
Back 30,00 €
Chest / stomach 30,00 €


Eyelash tinting 18,00 €
Eyebrow tinting 18,00 €
Eyebrow shaping 9,00 €
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting 25,00 €
Eyelash perming 55,00 €

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